Control Impulses

We’ve all made unwise decisions during times of stress or fatigue. When you have the urge to do something, it’s best to take a moment and reconsider. How many times have you:

  • Eaten something you shouldn’t have?
  • Said something you wish you hadn’t?
  • Spent money you wish you had saved?
  • Quit something you wish you had maintain?

    We all have impulses to do things that we shouldn’t. A habit to control your impulses is similar to taking a moment when you feel triggered to engage in a bad h

"The truth won't set us free - until we develop the skills and the habit and the talent and the moral courage to use it.”
- Margaret Heffernan

Use these strategies to control your impulses and stop sabotaging yourself:

Notice that you’re feeling out of sorts.

We generally don’t behave impulsively while we’re cool, calm, and collected. We’re impulsive when we’re stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or feeling excited or euphoric.

  • Notice when you’re not feeling calm and comfortable. The first step to controlling impulsiveness is knowing when you’re likely to make an impulsive decision. This triggers the next step.

Take a long pause.

Avoid taking any action until you’ve had time to cool your jets. Take a walk or meditate. Find a way to relax before making a decision.

Be logical and thoughtful.

Ask yourself what the smart decision is in this circumstance. Ignore your emotions and be logical. You know what you should do rather than what you feel the urge to do.

Take the appropriate action.

All that’s left is taking the smart action and feeling good about it.

A lot of people have discovered that hypnosis and self-hypnosis are great tools for doing all of the above!

Can you control your impulses? This is one of the most important habits because it allows you to avoid making those big mistakes that can be impossible to recover from fully. You’ve made a few huge mistakes in the past. Creating this habit will help you to avoid them.

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